Winter Park Reusable Masks w/ filter pocket
Winter Park Reusable Masks w/ filter pocket
Winter Park Reusable Masks w/ filter pocket
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Winter Park Reusable Masks w/ filter pocket

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(These do not qualify for the 2 for $25 discount)

Mask Details:

Each reusable face mask is designed with 3 layers; a pleated exterior designed to expand and fit securely to your face and 2 layered pocket interior designed to open for the placement of the non-woven single use filter

  • single layer cotton hand pleated exterior
  • cotton pocketed lining for a replaceable single use non-woven filter to be inserted
  • includes 5 non-woven single use filters per mask
  • 13" elastic at ears (Notice: If resources run low we do substitute stretch knit/spandex)
  • Masks & Single Use filters are researched for quality use and not meant to substitute n95 masks and available to everyone.
  • Masks are priced lower than cost of production and materials.
  • Sizing: If you are ordering for an Adult male, need a Large/XL please email to specify with your order number after purchasing and we will be sure to process your order accordingly.
  • Assembly is done in house in a controlled facility. Every mask is made to order, when you select the material in stock we process your mask in our facility following strict protocol in our brick & mortar design house by a very small quarantined staff. Your purchase supports rural trade skills and women dedicating their time to assist reducing the spread. With every purchase you are supporting small business, a rural creative industry and a woman owned business.

Shipping & In-store/Curbside Pick up:

Please note these masks are PREORDER estimated delivery is 4/29-5/13

  • If you select the incorrect shipping there will be a delay in your order.
  • Locals select in-store pick up, you will get a text when your order is ready with all the information you need!
  • Need your masks shipped? Please select shipping! Do this incorrectly? Contact us via emailing with your order number and we will adjust it.
  • NO EXPEDITED Shipping is offered due to high traffic in our postal services.
  • Need to know the status of your order, please email the more we communicate with you, the less we sew. 

Wear & Care:

Trying on your mask for the first time

*Wash and dry your hands before putting on and removing the mask

  1. Those black things in your ziplock are your single use woven filters, don't pull them out and get them dirty!
  2. Remove your mask and tie your bands loosely on each side.
  3. Try on your mask, it should fit snug! Tighten as needed.
  4. Feels stiff? After you get the bands how you need it for size hold both sides, hold both sides of your mask by the elastic and pull outward a few times.(like you play the accordian). These masks are fresh from a sewing machine and made from various cotton fabrics that act differently. This helps relax the tightly wove fibers and pleating to do what it needs especially where the elastic is threaded into the sides.
  5. Try on your mask again and distribute the top and the bottom to open and cover your nose/chin.
  6. Lastly: Lay your mask flat with the exterior facing down, open the double layered pocket lining until you see the exterior fabric, place your non-woven filter flat inside. When you have done so, that filter will be placed between the exterior and the double layer lining pocket

Caring for your mask

  1. Wash fabric masks daily, hang dry! You can iron your mask but not the elastic
  2. Do not contaminate the interior of the mask by pulling it down to rest on your chin.
  3. DO NOT WASH your single use filters!
  4. DO NOT IRON your single use filters!
  5. Replace non-woven filter with a fresh one-- do not reuse!
  6. Any type of masks (N95, surgical, fabric) shouldn't be worn too long. When it gets damp, you should replace it. So, if you're sweating a lot, prepare replacement masks/back up masks.
  7. Do not wear masks if you have respiratory illnesses
  8. These masks are designed to reserve surgical masks for medical professionals who are on the front liners of healthcare
  9. Washing your hands is more important than wearing a mask. Yes.